Please enjoy reading our July edition of ‘Our Voices’ focussing on the theme of Mutual Support.

In the wake of the recent Federal election, our new Chair, Dr Jim Hungerford acknowledges the extraordinary access we have in Australia to our members of parliament (of all persuasions), governments, and other key decision-makers.

We are truly grateful for this and to those who take a special interest in our work for deaf children and their families and who understand the wider social and economic value of this.  It is so important that we help advocates and organizations in other countries secure similar access.

First Voice abounds with examples of how our member centres support each other in advocacy, service development, administratively and financially – and what a huge difference this makes to our sustainability and to children’s outcomes.

This edition captures the range and depth of this support as well as examples of parent-to-parent and Centre-to-parent support including Corel du Toit’s story on employing parents to support them financially while increasing family time and access to therapy.

Thank you for your continued support of First Voice and its member organisations.