Research activities and collaborations

First Voice’s research activities are conducted under the direction of its Research Advisory Committee. We also have an active Clinical Advisory Committee that works in collaboration across member centres.

The Research Advisory Committee is currently building a network of collaborations with established research organisations, such as universities and other research bodies, which have an interest in early childhood hearing loss.

Our activities are focused on developing and facilitating research and evidence based practice that benefits children who are deaf or hearing impaired, supports their families, and facilitates inclusive communities.

Collectively, First Voice member centres provide support to a large cohort of hearing-impaired children across Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. We therefore offer a large data set for high quality, end user driven research across the region.

We have compiled a list of research questions to outline topics of potential research interest for potential research partners, which will help to further inform our work with deaf and hearing-impaired children. Contact the Research Advisory Committee for a copy of the list.

We welcome approaches from research bodies and individuals with a special interest in this area. Please direct enquires about potential research topics or collaborations to the Research Advisory Committee or if you wish to complete a Research Application, please download and contact us prior to submission.


Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee comprises members with comprehensive research and sector-wide experience drawn from a cross section of First Voice’s six member and affilitated organisations.

Dr Wendy Arnott
PhD, BSPath (Hons), DipLM
Chair, Research Advisory Committee Research and Development Manager, Hear and Say, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, The University of Queensland

Dr Yuriko Kishida
PhD, MEd, MSpecEd, PGCerResMeth
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Research Coordinator, Telethon Speech & Hearing
Honorary Associate, Macquarie University
Adjunct Researcher, Curtin University

Dr Dimity Dornan AO
PhD, HonDUniv, BSpThy, FSPAA, CpSp, LSLS Cert AVT
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Executive Director and Founder, Hear and Say
Adjunct Associate Professor, The University of Queensland

Aleisha Davis
BA/BAs, MPhil (Ling), MSLP, AFAIM, LSLS Cert AVT
Member, Research Advisory Committee
General Manager, Clinical Programs, The Shepherd Centre

Tracy Hopkins
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Senior Research Manager, The Shepherd Centre

Janet Digby
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Project Manager, The Hearing House

Michael Forwood
BA (Hons), MA (Health Services), LLB
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Director and Chair, First Voice
Chief Executive Officer, Cora Barclay Centre

Therese Kelly
BSc (Hons), Dip Aud, M Aud SA (CCP)
Member, Research Advisory Committee
Director, First Voice
Chief Executive Officer, Taralye

For all enquires about the Research Advisory Committee, please contact us.